Concrete Floor Grinding Melbourne

Concrete Floor Grinding Specialists

Transforming covered concrete floors into a finish that’s perfect for resurfacing.

Concrete grinding is the process of leveling and smoothing out concrete surfaces to create a uniform and sleek finish. This process is essential for removing imperfections, such as cracks, stains, or uneven surfaces, and preparing the concrete for polishing.

Your existing concrete base floor or concrete slab may be covered with carpet, tiles, vinyl, timber boards, parquetry or paint; or perhaps a protective sealant or epoxy coating.

Beneath your floor covering you may have affixing screed, liquid nails or glue adhesive stuck directly onto the concrete.

Your desire is to have whatever is there expertly removed; and your concrete base ‘ground back’ and transformed into a finish that’s perfect for resurfacing in whichever way you want. Whether it’s indoors or al fresco; or to revamp the look of your home or place of business.

Here, All Gone offers a prompt and highly professional ‘Lift & Grind’ service that will not only make your residential or commercial refurbishment painless, but soon have you saying “Good Riddance” to tired, old floor coverings ~ and every trace of dust and debris that our renovation works may create.

Our team of concrete grinding specialists uses advanced equipment and techniques
to grind down uneven surfaces, remove imperfections, levelling, epoxy removal, coating removal, jackhammer, and grind and achieve a smooth and flawless finish. Whether it’s a residential garage, commercial space, or industrial warehouse, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results that exceed our
clients’ expectations.

Our complete and very competitively priced Lift and Grind service includes

  • Removal of all existing floor coverings & concrete surface coatings

  • Expert grinding of all existing concrete floor bases

  • Thorough removal of all glues & adhesives

  • Screed Removal & Floor Leveling in tiled areas

  • Meticulous vacuuming & cleaning of all work sites

  • Preparation of concrete bases in readiness for Concrete Floor Polishing specialists to perform their finishing works

According to your individual Concrete Floor Grinding needs,

All Gone can supply any combination of the following equipment:

  • Jackhammers of all sizes

  • Concrete Grinders ~ Hand-Held & Walk-Behind

  • HEPA approved vacuum cleaners

  • Trucks for tight access areas for any debris and waste removal

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you transform your concrete floors.

We Cover All Of Melbourne CBD
And Surrounding Suburbs

Client Reviews

DaiCor have worked with All Gone extensively over the last 12 months on a number of projects, we have found All Gone to be very responsive and provide excellent service. They have been always happy to support us on at time tricky and time sensitive works, and have been more of a partner in our works rather than just another contractor. DaiCor are more than happy to recommend All Gone to any future client.


“All Gone are consistently reliable, site crews have good communication skills and respect for my sites and at the end of demolition I always have a clean base to start the project off from. Surprisingly hard to find Demolition Contractors In Melbourne that deliver all that consistently.”


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