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A Look at the Reasons for Hiring a Professional Service

Affordable reliable and fast rubbish removal Melbourne-based All Gone provides waste collection and disposal services for all your unwanted junk and trash in the process of using our service you also contribute to helping the environment as we make it our aim to reuse and recycle waste as much as is practically possible, with the intention to reduce the waste that is taken to landfill sites. We are committed to zero Melbourne waste and believe we can all do our bit to help build a more sustainable future.

At All Gone, we pride ourselves on providing professional and cheap rubbish removal services to our customers, ensuring that their unwanted items are disposed of responsibly and efficiently. Our team is dedicated to making the process of getting rid of rubbish as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients.

Our team is trained to handle all types of rubbish removal and disposal tasks safely and efficiently. We have the necessary equipment and tools to remove rubbish from residential properties, commercial buildings, construction sites, and more. Whether you need old furniture, appliances, garden waste, or construction debris removed, we have got you covered. Our team will arrive on time, work quickly and efficiently, and leave your property clean and tidy once the rubbish has been removed. Give us a call today to schedule a rubbish removal service, and let us take care of the rest.

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Melbourne Rubbish Removal and Disposal

– Made Easy

Dependable contractors with a great deal of experience in rubbish removal, demolition, recycling and commercial waste management are in high demand in Melbourne today – and this stands true not only when it comes to businesses, but regular homeowners as well. Why do more and more people turn to garbage disposal services instead of handling the job themselves and how does one find the right contractor to help them out?

The Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Contractor

Professional waste management, whether done for a small house or a large commercial or industrial location, can make all the difference. It can have enormous benefits when it comes to improving quality of life, helping the environment, giving us better health and making gardens and green areas prosper:

  • Proper waste removal can eliminate harmful bacterial agents and allergens that can be a threat to our health. It also prevents pest and insect infestations that can be equally harmful.
  • Waste management companies know how to separate rubbish that is biodegradable from non-biodegradable items, and they have means of recycling or disposing of unwanted rubbish without the negative impact you’d get from burning it or other improper disposal methods.
  • You can transform your home or business entirely. From backyards and gardens to living areas and office spaces, all areas will look brighter and smell much better when all the rubbish is appropriately disposed of.


Where to Find the Most Proficient

Waste Collection And Disposal Services

Australia is a world leader in today’s waste management industry, and there are quite a few trash removal companies in Melbourne. However, not all meet the necessary standards or offer all the benefits listed above.

One of the few Australian contractors that fit that profile is All Gone Demolition And Waste Management Services, a well-established company with an excellent reputation that offers some of the most effective rubbish removal Melbourne residents can benefit from. Whether you’re planning a general clean-up or you’ve finished a renovation or repair project, All Gone can swiftly and safely help you get rid of trash, debris or any useless items – and for a decent price.

Here is a guide to to help you choose which type of

rubbish removal services in Melbourne

– You May Require

Hiring specialised Rubbish Removal services in Melbourne is the best way to get rid of everything that clutters your place. Find out the most important things which you need to know about rubbish removal services to hire one such as us at All Gone with confidence. When you plan a clean up renovation or repair project, you should plan not only for the work to be done, but for the rubbish removal too. You wouldn’t want to end up with piles of useless stuff and debris on your property. Here we’ve compiled a guide to give you some direction on the type of rubbish removal services you may require.

Who Are They For?

While some companies specialise in providing either residential or commercial rubbish removal services, others have a more comprehensive scope. Here is a list of who can take advantage of these solutions and how:

  • Homeowners – You can hire a professional rubbish removal service as part of home improvement, repair and landscaping projects. You can also use it to help you finish with your spring cleaning.
  • Businesses – Most companies providing commercial waste removal services cover all sorts of premises ranging from offices to stores and warehouses. If the business has large amounts of rubbish, advance disposal planning is essential to ensure that the service provider will allocate enough resources to complete the work in a short time.
  • Construction companies – Some service providers remove construction site rubbish and offer a complete clean up. Since the work is more specific, special conditions usually apply.

What Rubbish Can Be Removed.?

Most specialised rubbish removal companies in Melbourne adhere to strict regulations regarding the types of rubbish that can be removed. They can be summarised in a few categories:

  • Appliances including refrigerators cookers and washers
  • Electronics, ranging from TV sets to office printers
  • Furniture of all types and sizes
  • Construction and yard debris, including brick, tile and wood
  • Other items including carpet, mattresses and tyres

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. You should check specifically whether your rubbish can be removed by a specialised company under the current regulations. You should be aware of the main items that cannot be collected too. These include asbestos, sewage, animal waste and medical waste, to name the main ones. Generally, all kinds of materials and items which are dangerous to human health have to be removed following a special procedure.

How much is Rubbish Removal Melbourne 

Most companies base the cost on the volume of rubbish as in m3 which is metres cubed. The more you have, the more you will pay. It is less common for the cost of rubbish removal services to be per item, such as armchairs, dishwashers, desktop computers and so on. You should check if extra charges apply when you are located out of the city limits or have specific needs.

Usually, the professionals will come to you to evaluate the volume and will give you a quote on the spot. You decide whether to accept the offer or not. If you do, they are typically able to begin working straight away.

How about Recycling?

It is common practice for specialised companies to recycle items that can be recycled such as electronic equipment. Additionally, they usually donate items that are still usable. You should get more details when you give them a call.

Overall we hope this guide as provided the information you need, if you require Rubbish Removal Melbourne based All Gone can provide a quality service to help you complete your project and enjoy the result fully at a very reasonable cost.

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DaiCor have worked with All Gone extensively over the last 12 months on a number of projects, we have found them to be very responsive and provide excellent service. They have been always happy to support us on time sensitive works, and have been more of a partner in our works rather than just another contractor. DaiCor are more than happy to recommend All Gone to any future client.


“All Gone are consistently reliable, site crews have good communication skills and respect for my sites and at the end of demolition I always have a clean base to start the project off from. Surprisingly hard to find Demolition Contractors In Melbourne that deliver all that consistently. We will continue to use their efficient and reliable services time and time again”


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